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Designer Interiors is a versatile and award-winning design firm based in Red Lodge, Montana. Led by Chanda Wahl, the firm is renowned for its high style yet personalized, approachable designs.

Every project starts by listening to the client’s vision, learning what you love, what you are passionate about, and what brings you joy. Together, we will walk through your home or place of business taking detailed notes and measurements. Your vision for how you want the space to look, feel, and function becomes the inspiration for our design.

Stylized - Never Stressed

Don’t worry, you don’t have to visualize every detail – that’s our job. We will put together a comprehensive plan along with recommendations for finishes and furnishings – and maybe a surprise or two for fun.

Once the design is approved, we manage every part of the execution – from engaging the contractor to ordering materials, overseeing tradespeople to final touches.

Our goal is to put your signature on the project – not ours.

What Our Clients Say

Designer Interiors Chanda Headshot Beartooth Mountains Montana

Chanda Wahl, ASID | Owner & Principal Designer

Chanda has been helping clients transform their space, creating beauty and function across the mountain west since 1996. Believing that collaboration is the key to creating exceptional interiors, she works closely with each client to deliver a design that goes beyond what they thought was possible. In the words of one client, “We love our newly remodeled home in Red Lodge, and so appreciate how hard the Designer Interiors team worked to make it beautiful and functional for us. They made it so easy on us through the entire design and construction process, even though we were 1,500 miles away.”

Chanda found her passion for design before she was even aware of the profession. She attended South Dakota State University, graduating with a degree in Interior Design. Following internships in Billings, she started as an Assistant Designer at Kibler & Kirch in Red Lodge, Montana.

Eventually, Chanda opened Designer Interiors and began building her own successful practice in Alaska. With an extraordinary eye for detail and a gift for interpreting her client’s vision, the firm grew dramatically. Designer Interiors worked with clients in Montana, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

In 2019, Chanda celebrated a dream come true when she relocated Designer Interiors to Red Lodge, Montana.

Introducing Our Team

Brian Wahl Designer Interiors Interior Designer Red Lodge Montana
Brian Wahl
Chief of Operations
Leticia Sierra
Leticia Sierra
Executive Assistant
Larry Lavin
Larry Lavin
Cabinetry Design
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Janelle Hawkins
Drafter/Digital Designer
Janette Blackmore
Design Assistant
Nicole Bendig Lamb
Nicole Bendig-Lamb
Business Manager
Ellie Mittenzwei
Ellie Mittenzwei
Social Media Strategist/Manager

"They’re creative, they did things I didn’t think was possible"


Candice fell in love with the craft of collecting books as a little girl visiting garage sales with her mother. Digging through the 25 cent book boxes and categorizing each book by genre quickly became her childhood passion. 

Since, she has taken her innate book collecting skills to become our very own bookkeeper. Candice makes sure every single employee and client alike can keep food on the table. With her meticulous attention to detail, not a single penny can make it by her without being categorized in our accounting system. 

In her free time she counts rocks in the famous Rock Creek River of Red Lodge. She takes this data and builds spreadsheets classifying each rock by shape, color, and size. 


Larry found his passion for cabinetry in his grandfather’s workshop nestled in the pine-scented hills of Vermont. From a young age, he marveled at the way rough-hewn planks could be transformed into exquisite pieces of furniture and cabinetry. His fascination turned into a lifelong pursuit of mastery in the art of woodworking.

Outside the workshop, Larry enjoys traveling home to hike in the Adirondacks and spending quiet evenings sketching new designs in his leather-bound notebook. His dedication to his craft and reverence for the beauty of natural materials continue to inspire both clients and colleagues alike at the interior design firm.

Cabinet & Custom Furniture Design

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E. larry@designerinteriors.net


Driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges, Janelle continues to redefine the art of interior design through her commitment to innovation and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. Her future aspirations include expanding her expertise in sustainable design practices and contributing to projects that positively impact both clients and the environment.


When she’s not busy brainstorming the next big campaign or collaborating with designers to showcase their latest creations, Grace can be found exploring the breathtaking outdoors that Montana offers, drawing inspiration from its vast wilderness and vibrant local culture.

Her dedication to promoting sustainable design practices and her commitment to fostering meaningful client relationships have made her an invaluable asset to the firm’s mission of transforming spaces into personalized havens that reflect the spirit of Montana living.

Brian Wahl

In Brian’s free time, you can find him walking the sandy lakeside beaches of Montana enjoying NA margarita’s. Although sudo tropical vacations are his top priority, serving his community is where his true passion fuels. 

Throughout your interior design project, Brian will be there every step of the way to ensure the project logistics are smooth sailing and you can rest at night.